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Meets and how they are organised

The places we visit, which are published in our Programme, we refer to as Meets.  At each of these get togethers we usually get together at 10am to finalise the plans for the day.

At the morning get together, members will suggest an activity for that day and invite others to join them. Walking and visiting local attractions are very popular as well as lunches out, or even just relaxing and enjoying a coffee and a chat.


Those members with cars will often offer lifts to motorhome users. The offer of petrol money, or paying for car parking and/or refreshments is always welcome.


We often meet again at 5pm to discuss how the day’s activities went, think about the following day's activities, and check if members want to do something in the evening too. In good weather we often bring a bottle of wine/beer and some nibbles and just enjoy each other’s company. Pets are more than welcome to join us in all our activities, but we ask that you do not bring your dog to our daily get togethers. Some members may not treasure them as much as their owners!


The decision about what you would like to do is always yours. There is never any pressure to join in the planned activities if you prefer your own space. It's good to know though that company is there when you want it.

The morning and afternoon get togethers are run by the host and are an integral part in keeping all the members informed, so nobody gets left out and everyone can join in whenever they choose. We issue a yearly Programme which runs from March to December throughout the UK.


To take full advantage of club membership it is advisable to belong to either the Caravan & Motorhome Club or the Caravan & Camping Club, or both, since most of the meets are held on these sites, together with several private sites and rally fields. We run our Programme mostly from Sunday to Sunday, whereas on bank holidays, rallies may run from Thursday to Tuesday. Every meet/rally will have a contact or host assigned. Please notify the host that you are going to attend but you are responsible for booking your own pitch. Should you need to cancel, please do so in a timely manner, again informing both the host and the site.

Rallies may not have washroom facilities or electrical points, but this will be indicated in the Programme and are substantially cheaper than regular sites.

Tours are often organised in Scotland, Wales and Southern England, which follow on naturally over several weeks. You would be welcome to join for all or part of the tour, the choice is yours.

Once you have decided which meet you would like to attend, you must contact the site to book your own pitch and then contact the meet host to let them know you are joining the meet.  You can come for a full or part week, the choice is yours, whatever suits you. The same applies for the tours we organise; you can join at any point and for as long as you want.

The big attraction with tours is that you can travel in the company of friends.

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