For people who camp on their own

The club, previously called The Loners Group, was formed in 1976 with the sole aim of providing a companionable setting for those who live and camp alone because they are widowed, divorced, single or separated (which includes those who have a partner or close relative in need of residential care that will not be camping with them).
Our members have caravans, motor homes/campers, trailer tents or tents.

At the moment the age range of the group is from the mid-50s upwards but we would welcome members of all ages.
The club is run by members for the members. There is an annual programme which can be added to or have changes made to it throughout the year. This programme is put together by area representatives who talk to the members and ascertain where they would like to go and who is willing to be the contact for the meet. The programme for the following year is available at the end of November.

To take full advantage of club membership it is a good idea to belong to either the Caravan & Motorhome Club or the Caravan and Camping Club, or both, since the majority of meets are held on sites owned or managed by these two organisations, or on private sites and rally fields. Early booking on these Club sites is advised as some are so popular that they are almost fully booked all year round. The meets generally run from Sunday to Sunday unless it’s a bank Holiday, when they might run from a Thursday. There is always a contact assigned to a meet or rally so you can be assured you will not be camping alone. You are welcome to come for all or part of that time. Our programme usually runs from March to October throughout the UK, although some of our more adventurous members venture out all the year round and even organise their own separate trips to Spain and France, especially in the winter months.

We also run some rallies on fields/farms etc. for 7+ nights as per our Rural England certification and our insurance via ACCEO (Association of Caravan and Camping Exempted Organisations). These tend not to have washroom facilities or electrical points. Tours of areas are often organised such as in Scotland, Wales and the South East/West. This combines a number of locations (usually C&MC, CCC or private sites) which follow on naturally over a number of weeks. Again, you would be welcome to join for all or part of the tour.

Every year towards the end of June we have an AGM rally. The location varies from year to year. This 4 night event often attracts a large number of our members and gives us a great opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones. There is entertainment and a meal on Saturday night and Sunday lunch on offer following on from the AGM meeting itself.

During the winter months around 20 lunches are arranged at different pubs/inns etc. around the UK. This enables you to keep in touch with other members; you can attend any lunches you wish. Details are published in the September Newsletter.

During the year we circulate four newsletters, the programme and a directory of members. You have an opportunity to opt out of this directory on the application form. The member’s directory is never circulated to anyone other than the clubs membership. The club is non-profit making. Subscriptions cover administrative costs. All committee members are volunteers and receive no remuneration and only minimal expenses.

The club year runs from 1​ st​ November to 31​ st​ October and costs £15 a year. Anyone who joins between 1​ st​ August and 31​ st​ October can opt to pay only £15 for membership to 31​ st​ October the following year. You may pay by electronic transfer, standing order or cheque, but we hope you will chose either of the first 2 as this reduces our workload and postage costs.